Dan Desmarques

How to Change the World

Could you or anyone else change the world? Yes, even though many people can't realize this reality isn’t only in what we see but other things too, which lay beyond our eyesight. The easiest level to perceive is one of our senses: We believe what we see and trust what we hear; we also believe what we feel. And we then think that these ways are all we need to know. But there is another level, below this, in which most people find themselves — the level of illusion, as what happens when we conceive reality according to our mental filters. Most people are not even aware of the idea of reality and what it truly is, or how it works at a vibrational level, much less their capacity to handle it and control it, or even transform it. For this reason, in this book, you will learn about all the levels that compose human consciousness and how to use this information to ascent to a higher state of mind, but also help others achieve the same.
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