Alexandra Södergran

Daddy's Girl – Erotic Short Story

“She decided there and then that this was her only shot. She would be brave and just do it. She would take it all the way, no chance of backing away now. This was it. The thought of it made her heart pound inside her chest, and she no longer knew whether she would be able to make an intelligible sound. The erotic thoughts charged around her brain, urging the adrenaline on to suck up all the goodness from her pussy and pump it around in her body. It spurred her on while making her hornier.”
Late one evening, when Johnny tries to teach his stepdaughter Louise a thing or two about relationships, he ends up sharing some sexy tips and tricks instead. He describes in great detail how he gives women sexual pleasure and that chat leads to one single thing: Louise just has to have him. But how will she be able to seduce her stepdad without her mother finding out? Louise can't fight her desire any longer and decides to try her luck.
Alexandra Södergran is an anonymous Swedish author of erotic short stories. Her stories often deal with taboo topics in exciting and innovative ways. She has written more than twenty erotic short stories.
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