Lorenzo Marks

A Silent Understanding

Touted as the next supermodel and engaged to a wealthy Wall Street banker, Trudy Beach has the world at her feet. Little does she know that her life is about to be turned upside down. When Trudy’s ex-boyfriend begs her to help him pay off Vincent, a vicious loan shark, a sequence of events is triggered that threatens both Trudy’s future marriage and her career. Blackmailed with lurid photographs, Trudy is coerced into becoming Vincent’s unpaid flunky and a private bondage model. While she tries to keep her career and relationship intact, the emotional trauma takes its toll, and both begin to suffer. Fearing that she will lose everything she has accomplished, Trudy begins to take increasing risks in an attempt to rebuild her life—only to find herself being unwillingly pulled deeper into Vincent’s sordid underworld of crime and prostitution. Caught up in a highly publicized FBI bust, her glamorous lifestyle comes tumbling down. With her marriage and career in tatters, Trudy discovers that her reluctant journey into the sordid world of sexual bondage is far from over.
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