Graham Ison

Hardcastle's Frustration

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During the last days of World War I, Det. Inspector Ernest Hardcastle is encumbered with a complicated murder investigation.
March, 1918. The Great War is grinding slowly to its bloody finale. Divisional Det. Inspector Ernest Hardcastle, head of the Whitehall Division of the Metropolitan Police, is called to a body recovered from the Thames. Mavis Parker, the victim’s attractive widow, proves to be a good-time girl, and to complicate matters, all the suspects seem to be known to each other, including a South African who purports to be an actor. But when Special Branch intervenes, things really get complicated . . .
“Meticulously researched historical details, period ambience, authentic British working-class dialogue, a splendid plot, gentle humor, and two clever detectives add up to an outstanding historical procedural.” —Booklist
“Hardcastle comes across as someone who will solve the crime, no matter what he has to say or do to accomplish his job. Great historical mystery!” —Historical Novel Society
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