Abby Green,Amanda Cinelli

An Heir Fit For A King

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{"em"=>["From The Essence Of Desire… A King’s Baby!"]}
While exiled King Alix Saint Croix lies in wait to reclaim his throne a mistress would provide a welcome distraction. He enters a Parisian perfume house to buy fragrance for a current lover — and leaves with a powerful craving for another woman: stunningly exotic perfumer Leila Verughese.
The very smell of Alix awakens Leila’s every nerve. If she’s going to give her innocence to anyone, who better than a king? But it’s an alchemy with life-changing repercussions…
Leila’s life spirals out of control — until she realises her power… she’s carrying a royal heir!
Discover more at www.millsandboon.co.uk/abbygreen
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