Dan Desmarques


What if everything you believed to be true was a lie? What if the only reason why it seems that religion has failed on you, is because you have been hearing lies that do not match the real God? What if the truth has been remaining hidden from you on purpose? And what if you could forgive yourself for being deceived? What if you could change your life by getting access to the real truth? For this is what this book proposes you, while answering all these questions. Here, you will obtain a direct guidance filled with personal examples, on how christians and many other religious groups are corrupted and end up corrupting others along the way, pushing them further away from the truth that God wishes everyone to know. This truth is so important, that without it, you will never know why the life of so many seems so chaotic and without a positive end, despite all the prayers and dedication to rituals of various nature. In fact, if you wish to become more religious, this book can help you correct your practice towards this truth, while avoiding being deceived as so many others have been. For this is the truth that God wishes you to access through your own existence, with your own awareness and ethics, and not just a blind faith.
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