A Full Life by Jimmy Carter | Summary & Analysis

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Summary of  A Full Life by Jimmy Carter | Includes Analysis


As he was turning 90, Jimmy Carter decided it was a good time to write a book about his life. He has written previous books about specific times or events, from life on his childhood farm to his four years as president. This latest memoir spans his youth, his naval career, his years as an agricultural businessman, as a local and national politician, and, finally, his later life as a peace activist and humanitarian. A Full Life combines these recollections with Carter’s heartfelt poetry and homespun paintings, which also chronicle his life and the people in it.

Carter’s parents, James Earl Carter Sr. and Lillian Carter, first lived in Plains, Georgia. They were close to their next door neighbors, the Smiths, who, in 1927, had a baby girl named Rosalynn when Jimmy was a toddler. A year later, the Carters moved to a farm nearby in tiny Archery, Georgia…

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