Brooke Keith

Radically Red

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Turn to the New Testament in many Bibles and you will notice words
written in red ink. These red words were spoken by Jesus while He lived on earth. Sometimes overlooked because of their familiarity,
these words were meant to teach, inspire, and challenge us to live
radically different lives from the world around us.
With heartwarming honesty and true spiritual insight, Brooke Keith
invites us to read the words of Christ with eagerness and anticipation.
Questions after each chapter encourage deeper reflection, and daily
challenges call us to action. As you draw closer to Jesus and hear Him
speak during the next 40 days, you will not walk away unchanged.
Allow these “Radically Red” words to speak to you, and let the love of Jesus change your life.

Features and Benefits
• Each day begins with verses of scripture from the words of Jesus.
• Devotional for each day expands on the scripture.
• Each day includes several thought starters and a “Daily Dare” that
challenges readers to put into practice what they have just studied.
• Author’s warm, engaging style gives the book a conversational feel.
• Uses 40-day format that can be read in consecutive days or at the reader’s own pace
• Perfect for individual or group study.
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