Satoru Yamaguchi

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Volume 10

I was already surprised when I found out that I had been reincarnated in the world of Fortune Lover, the otome game that I was playing right before dying, but things just got shocking when I realized that I had become Katarina Claes, the main antagonist! I tried my best to avoid all of the game's bad ends, and somehow succeeded…but now, it turns out that there was a Fortune Lover 2! I started working at the Magical Ministry, and, as time went on, I accidentally collected a bunch of Dark Magic items. Help! I'm getting more villainesque by the day! Now my boss also wants me to take Dark Magic lessons… Speaking of bosses, I've been helping one of my superiors, Cyrus, get closer to my friend Maria. He's way too shy to make a move on her though. I'll have to force his hand a little bit… Huh? What's this? Did I run into another event from the game?!
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