Joe Friedman

The Dream Workbook

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This is the ultimate practical guide to the world of dreams. It will enable you to remember your dreams and to use them to discover – and change – how you view the world. It shows you how to turn negative dreams into positive ones, so that nightmares become a thing of the past, and to make recurrent dreams move on. Instead of offering pat descriptions of dreams, it will give you the necessary techniques to become an authority on and make the best use of your own dreams. “The Dream Workbook” also will help you explore the world of the dream – the great 'thinkers' on dream theory, how dreams have been used and seen in other cultures, the ability to be conscious during dreams, and how to use dreams to travel through time and space. Using case histories, step-by-step techniques and illustrations, the author enables readers to “capture” their dreams and then put them to work. Dreams have the power to help resolve creative impasses, unlock “stuck” situations, promote vitality, improve relationships, and increase self-understanding. Dreams can help you see how you construct the world. Seeing this can liberate you from old programming and enable you to find and practice new ways of being.
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