Marc Stiegler


The World Economy Crashed and Burned. What's a BrainTrust To Do?

Having barely dodged an extinction level event, humanity now faces a new disaster: the world plunges into a Great Crash deeper and more cruel than the Depression of 1929. The BrainTrust has an answer. But the old, corrupt, dirtside Powers don’t need an answer.

They need a scapegoat.

Soon an unholy alliance launches three mighty fleets, each individually powerful enough to destroy all the combined navies of WWII. Relentless and unstoppable, they bear down on the effectively unarmed archipelago.

Now Dash and her mentor Colin must face a last question.

It will be her Final Exam.

Can Dash even accept the only answer?

How terrible is the price she will have to pay?

Welcome to the thrilling finale of the BrainTrust saga!


Note: For this novel, in collaboration with five economists and two cryptocurrency software engineers, I developed a new currency that should work in real life to flatten the boom/bust cycle. So if you'd like to see one way an advanced civilization could deal with economics, you could read this not only as a good yarn but as a guide.
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