Robin Gianna,Karin Baine,Annie O'Neil,Charlotte Hawkes,Lynne Marshall,Susanne Hampton

Medical Romance June 2016 Books 1–6

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{"strong"=>["The Prince and the Midwife"]}
Gabriella Cain prides herself on the exemplary service she provides her celebrity mums-to-be. So she certainly doesn’t appreciate Dr Rafael Moreno suddenly taking over her department…even if he is royalty—and gorgeous!
{"strong"=>["His Pregnant Sleeping Beauty"]}
When paramedic Joseph Matthews rescues a vulnerable pregnant woman left in a coma, he vows to be there for his sleeping beauty. Even though, after his ex-wife’s betrayal, everything about innocent Carey Spencer evokes bittersweet memories…mixed with unexpected desire.
{"strong"=>["One Night, Twin Consequences"]}
When Dr Matteo Torres invites nurse Harriet Monticello to work with orphans in Buenos Aires, her head says yes, it’s something she’s always wanted to do…though her heart is wary of the irresistible, off-limits doc. Shy Harriet isn’t used to taking anything for herself, yet before they board the plane for Argentina, the chemistry between them combusts and they give in to just one night together…
{"strong"=>["Twin Surprises for the Single Doc"]}
In labour, trapped in a lift, Claudia Monticello grips Patrick Spencer’s hand. Abandoned by her babies’ father, she must rely on this handsome stranger’s quick-thinking and kindness to bring her twins safely into the world!
{"strong"=>["The Doctor’s Forbidden Fling"]}
When a family illness calls Nurse Violet Dempsey back to the aristocratic world she spurned years ago she’s finally forced to face Nate Taylor…the boy-next-door she left behind.
{"strong"=>["The Army Doc’s Secret Wife"]}
Theirs was a marriage of convenience borne out of desperate circumstances, but Thea can’t forget the wedding night she spent in Ben Abrams’ arms! Only by dawn it was all over, and her army doctor husband had shipped out—of the country and her life!
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