Michael McEwan

Running the Smoke

Discover 26 tales of triumph, hope, and determination in this collection of personal stories from London Marathon runners.
The London Marathon is an event unlike any other. It is twenty-six-point-two miles of iconic landmarks, cheers, tears, sweat, pain and courage. It is triumph over adversity on a colossal scale. Running The Smoke tells the story of this legendary race since its inception in 1981 through the perspectives of twenty-six fascinating and inspiring participants.
Here are the stories of people both ordinary and extraordinary. You’ll read about Olympic rower Sir Steve Redgrave, one of the marathon’s most prominent participants; John Farnworth, the soccer freestyler who completed the marathon while juggling a soccer ball the entire way; Jamie McAndrew, who ran just three years after becoming a quadruple amputee following a climbing accident in the French Alps; and many others.
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