John B.Arden,Lloyd Linford

Brain-Based Therapy with Adults

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Brain-Based Therapy with Adults: Evidence-Based Treatment for Everyday Practice provides a straightforward, integrated approach that looks at what we currently know about the brain and how it impacts and informs treatment interventions. Authors John Arden and Lloyd Linford, experts in neuroscience and evidence-based practice, reveal how this new kind of therapy takes into account the uniqueness of each client. Presentation of detailed background and evidence-based?interventions for common adult disorders such as anxiety and depression offers you expert advice you can put into practice immediately.
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    Anne Mette Poulsencompartió una citahace 3 años
    The cold evolutionary rationale for this phenomenon may well be that our ancestors faced catastrophic environmental change. Those endowed with a brain that could change rapidly, learn quickly, and maximize the advantages of social networking survived
    Anne Mette Poulsencompartió una citahace 3 años
    The human brain has a vested interest in the expression of our genetic endowment for empathy, the human ability to “feel” what others are thinking and feeling, because mindsight is prerequisite to the brain’s very existence. Human infants have very large heads and are born with brains that require, as it were, much home assembly.
    Anne Mette Poulsencompartió una citahace 3 años
    Underneath the cortex there were other changes in the brains of our immediate ancestors. “Lower brain” centers, such as the limbic areas and the cerebellum, changed to support the growth of the human behavioral and emotional repertoire.
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