Paula Roe

The Pregnancy Plot/Suddenly Expecting

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The Pregnancy PlotAfter one mind–blowing night Matthew Cooper never expected to see AJ Reynolds again. But when they are unexpectedly thrown together at a wedding, Matt is confident it's only a matter of time until the impossible attraction between them boils over.But AJ isn't looking for a night back in Matt's bed and refuses to succumb to his charms – he's an extra complication she doesn't need! Yet he could help her get the one thing she wants…if she's willing to admit that one night wasn't enough!Suddenly ExpectingThe tabloids love Katerina Jackson. But hunky sports star turned TV presenter Marco Corelli always had her back. Now, after a night of indiscretion, Marco has just become a key player in the Kat saga – because he's about to become the proud father of her child.Kat can't fathom why she slipped up and slept with her buddy. She'd always managed to resist his admittedly irresistible charms. But when he takes her to his private island to regroup, it's time to face the truth…this is way bigger than best friends!
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