Alicia Luz

Lust in Imperial Russia – Erotic Short Story

“My right hand embarks on a voyage down to her clitoris, whilst the other curls over her neck, turning her head: I want to taste her, her tongue, her smell, her heady perfume of jasmine imported from India. I am wet and I hope she is too.”
Lust in Imperial Russia is the story of a singer, brought into a world of sumptuous debauchery and delight, that of the Tsars of Imperial Russia in 1915. There, she will get a taste of pleasure like she has never known before, and of the joyous excess of opulence, where binge drinking and orgy become one when “the alcohol will flow, caviar will be served in crystal glasses to the men who stare at us and to those for whom looking will not be enough.”
And our outrageous artist always wants more, always more, more love, more passion, more pleasure… She wants to scream even louder.
Erotica, lust, sex, historical, lesbian, orgy, double penetration, woman/woman, artist, singer

Alicia Luz is a French writer and hypnotherapist. In her thirties, she´s on a quest for new and previously undiscovered sensations. She enjoys writing stories that make you dream and fantasize. She loves using shapes and colour that make her readers marvel.
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