Barbara Cartland

Love Locked in & Love and Linda

Welcome to the new way to read Barbara Cartland — offering better value than ever before you can now enjoy two complete eternal collection novels filled with her trademark heroes and heroines complete with joyful pure romance for the price of one.
Love locked in
Aristide, the Duc de Savigne is literally Lord of all he surveys — including the women who throw themselves at his feet only to be trampled and scorned. Arrogant and promiscuous, his wild orgies and rampant behaviour are “defaming the name of Savigne and making it a byword for every outrage, scandal and vice…”
Yet, when asked to marry this man without even meeting him, innocent beauty Syrilla happily agrees. Even when she finds herself bride to this embittered man, obsessed with his love for a murdered Chère amie she adores her ‘White Knight’ with a passion… Can it be that her pure unsullied love is the key that frees his locked-in-heart?

Love and Linda
The rags to riches and romance tale of Linda Snell takes us on a rollercoaster ride of a life — from sleazy beginnings via a Convent school to the glamour of the West End stage and the London fashion scene.
Pursued by all the wrong men and eluded by the right ones, Linda scales the dizzy heights where her passion for Harry, a world-famous aviator, is dashed by his sudden death. Marrying in desperation the wrong man for all the wrong reasons, humble is transformed into Lady Blaxly but still happiness is a distant dream… Until one unlikely man holds out the hope that Linda will finally find a true and lasting love.
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