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'Fresh, brilliant writing and utterly compelling, I loved it' Peter JamesWhen 25-year-old Emelie is found murdered in her Stockholm apartment the same week her ex-partner is released from prison, it feels like an open and shut case for Detective Vanessa Frank. Who else would launch such a frenzied attack on the young woman?
But Frank suspects there is something they’re missing. Could the killing be linked to the rising online movement of men who want to punish women, the so-called ‘incels’? When a survivor of brutal sexual assault comes forward, Frank uncovers more about this shadowy group who, in their own words, have weaponised the gender war and will stop at nothing to make themselves heard.
Desperate to stop any further attacks, Frank escalates the investigation when a music festival intended to be a safe space for women becomes a potential target.
'A real page-turner, from the first to the last page' Camilla Lāckberg
'Irresistible reading' David Lagercrantz, author of The Girl in the Spider’s Web — Millennium series by Stieg Larsson
'He never lets go of the reader’s desire to know just how the hell this is going to go' Fredrik Backman, best-selling author of A Man Called Ove
'He absorbs the reader so you can’t stop reading' Inga-Lill Mosander
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    bodies lay strewn on the ground;
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    he was there on reconnaissance.
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    Big heart and forgiving soul

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