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Skye Warren

Mating Theory

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Billionaire Sutton Mayfair has nothing left to lose…
My best friend is getting married to the woman I love. They say the nice guy finishes last. So what's the point of being a goddamn gentleman?
Maybe I should take what I want.
Even that sexy little thing on the street corner.
She needs a hot meal and a place to sleep. Instead I'm taking her home to soothe the savage beast inside me. I was born a bastard, and for the first time in my life I act like one.
Except the more I use her, the more I need her.
I didn't know I had someone left to lose.
But for a single heartbeat, I had her.

“DEAR GOD. THIS BOOK, GUYS!!! OMG. Okay, I may have a new favorite book from Skye Warren!!!” — Lina's Reviews Book Blog

“This is a beautifully sad book that transforms into a magical, fairytale ending much like a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly.” — Elizabeth, Goodreads reader

“It was so easy to get caught up in this incredible story. Sutton and Ashleigh's romance is a powerful and poignant tale that is sometimes painful but ultimately beautiful.” — Gladys, Goodreads reader
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Skye Warren
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