Stacy Fowler

Whole Foods Plant Based Cookbook For Beginners

Switching to the whole food plant based diet can transform your health and wellbeing significantly. Even if you change only a few meals per week, the health changes can be quite considerable. Whether you want to lose weight, or simply want to improve your health, the plant base diet will help you to achieve your goals easily.

This book will show you how easy it is to adopt a plant based lifestyle and immediately start enjoying the benefits. Your vitality will be enhanced, your immunity will become stronger and you will get much more out of life. Apart from the 97 delicious whole foods plant based recipes, beginners will find a lot of useful information in this book.

The variation of recipes in this book will keep you going for several months. Whether you are going fully plant based or partially, the 97 recipes give you something exciting to look forward to each time you want to cook. You will not miss meaty dishes too much because care has been taken to select the most delicious meals in each category. For your convenience, the recipes are grouped into Soups — stews — chilies, Salads, Beans main dishes, Grains main dishes, Vegetable main dishes, Pasta main dishes, Casseroles, Sides & snacks and Desserts. Each recipe also has nutritional information for those who still feel the need to count calories and macros.

Even if you are not the best cook in your home, these recipes have simple step by step instructions that will make you perform culinary wonders in your kitchen. The basic knowledge required is the ability to combine ingredients and switch on a stove or other appliance. Once you start cooking these recipes, even meat lovers in your home will love to have a taste!
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