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Dale Brown,Jim DeFelice

Raven Strike

New York Times–Bestselling Authors: These CIA operatives are on a mission in the Sudan that’s classified—and illegal . . .
In the blistering heat of the Sudan, the CIA has gone rogue. On the trail of a notorious terrorist, Agency operatives have overstepped their sanctioned boundaries. And now the ultimate weapon has fallen into the wrong hands.
As Danny Freah and his spec-ops team scramble to recover a top-secret aircraft that has crashed in Africa, Whiplash Director Jonathon Reid finds himself mysteriously shut off from information about the robot drone and its mission. Maneuvering through the twisted back corridors of the CIA and Washington’s power elite, Reid discovers secrets both illegal and highly dangerous—a virtually unstoppable assassin and an out-of-control clique within the Agency.
Torn between loyalty and conscience, Reid must find a way to alert the president and avert a national disaster. But with the Whiplash team caught in the chaos of a brutal African civil war and CIA officials desperate to keep Reid from telling what he knows, a monster re-emerges to target its creators . . .
Praise for Dale Brown
“The best military adventure writer in the country.” —Clive Cussler
“The novels of Dale Brown brim with violent action, detailed descriptions of sophisticated weaponry, and political intrigue . . . His ability to bring technical weaponry to life is amazing.” —San Francisco Chronicle
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HarperCollins, Harper
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