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Anne McCaffrey,Elizabeth A. Scarborough

Acorna's Triumph

The unicorn girl must rescue her beloved and defeat a dreaded alien menace in this action-packed conclusion to the fantasy space opera series.
Beloved by millions of readers, Anne McCaffrey is one of science fiction’s favorite authors. Writing with award-winning author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, she has created the bestselling Acorna series, focusing on the adventures of the brave unicorn girl.
With Acorna’s Triumph, they turn to the dramatic conclusion of the series, as Acorna faces her most difficult challenge ever. She has defeated slavers, a deadly international conspiracy, and the vicious alien Khleevi, only to endure the loss of her beloved Aari, distant in both time and space.
Now, finally, Aari has returned, and together they can finish rebuilding their home world. But Aari is oddly changed, to the point where he barely remembers Acorna—much less their love—and his actions grow more and more sinister. . . . As Acorna tries to stop a vicious criminal from destroying innocents, a new complication arises. Sensing the Linyaari weakness, the deadly Khleevi return, determined to take back the planet—for good. In this dark time, it will take all the unicorn girl’s courage and determination to rescue Aari and stop the alien menace once and for all.
Praise for Acorna’s Triumph
“McCaffrey and Scarborough’s finale to the charming Acorna saga will please the two authors’ many fans and lovers of horses and cats generally. . . . A fitting coda to the series. Both Acorna and Aari and their creators can ride off into the starlight with clear consciences.” —Publishers Weekly
“This coda to McCaffrey’s popular series packs plenty of action into 320 pages.” —Booklist
“I would recommend this as great read for anyone that is interested in time travel and fantasy. Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Scarborough have not only hit a home run but cleared the bases with this novel.” —SFRevu
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