Janet Majure

Strong Bodies, Strong Business

Build a satisfying business and improve your clients’ lives when you teach them barbell weightlifting in a small class setting. Strong Bodies, Strong Business shows you how to target clients interested in getting and staying strong, a major goal for the often-overlooked clients over age 45.
If you are a weightlifter, a personal trainer, a sports coach, or perhaps a group exercise instructor, you probably should be teaching weightlifting—and starting your own business as a weightlifting coach. Clients appreciate this effective and fun approach and keep coming back for more.
In fact, countless times, clients have asked author and coach Janet Majure if she knew the names of coaches who offer the same type class in other cities. So far her answer has been “no,” but you can change that when you use the approach in Strong Bodies, Strong Business. The best time to start is now.
Strong Bodies, Strong Business shows you how you can do it with a proven approach of small classes and a well-planned strength-building program that draws on Olympic weightlifting moves. This book explains how to…
•          attract clients
•          get equipment
•          find and set up your gym
•          start and maintain a proven workout program
•          keep clients engaged and coming back
•          deal with common problems
•          promote and expand the business
Author Janet Majure, who has been coaching weightlifting since 2012, has seen this approach lead to a squad of faithful clients and to the satisfaction of hearing them report how their weightlifting workouts have given them stronger muscles and bones while reducing assorted aches and pains. Thanks to Janet’s first career as a writer and editor, Strong Bodies, Strong Business gives you the information you need in clear and accessible prose. Give it a read and start planning your weightlifting business.
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