Robert Asprin,Peter J.Heck

Phule Me Twice

From a New York Times bestseller, a commander of a legion of misfits takes control of an alien planet in this sci-fi comedy.
You can’t mistake just anyone for a Phule. When the planet Zenobia is invaded, Captain Willard Phule is made their military advisor. The first priority for Phule’s Company: staying out from underfoot of the peaceful, dinosaur-like Zenobians . . . But, unbeknownst to the Zenobians, they’re getting two Phules for the price of one. A robot double of Phule appears out of nowhere. And only the real Phule knows who the real Phule is . . .
Praise for the Phule’s Company series:
“A winning story . . . part science fiction, part spoof, part heart-warmer.” —Publishers Weekly
“Madcap . . . a welcome sendup of military sf.” —Booklist
“Light without being frivolous, and displays Asprin’s considerable expertise about fencing and things military, especially leadership.” —Chicago Sun-Times
“Reminiscent of ‘M*A*S*H.’” —Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine
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