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Shahriar Mostafa

Diagnosed with Diabetes, Now What

You were living your life to the fullest. Working hard and playing harder. Ignoring symptoms like fatigue, weight loss and increased frequency of urine. Then BAM! Out of the blue you started feeling very sick. You consult with your doctor, he run some tests and you are diagnosed with diabetes!
Now What!
Should you leave all the things you love to do? Stop eating deserts. Adopt a life of Saints! Should you get panicked and think that's it, this is the end of the road! Well, it’s not like that.
Diabetes is a common disease. More than 350 million people in this world have diabetes. It’s easy to control. It does not stop you living life. You just have to keep it controlled.
This book will help you to keep your diabetes well controlled. It’s a small book but packed with information on diabetes you must know. Grab your copy and let’s start for a healthy, happy and fulfilling life with Diabetes.
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