The Secret Valtinos Baby, Lynne Graham, Kim Lawrence
Lynne Graham,Kim Lawrence

The Secret Valtinos Baby

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The Secret Valtinos Baby by Lynne Graham
The Greek’s Ultimate Conquest by Kim Lawrence
{"strong"=>["His seduction had life-changing consequences"], “br”=>[nil], “em”=>["Now her boss is back—with marriage in mind!”]}
Personal assistant Merry Armstrong couldn’t resist Angel Valtinos’s sensual charisma. The Greek awakened her with his touch and left her pregnant! When Angel discovers his heir, duty compels him to act. Despite Merry’s independence, Valtinos’s legacy must be legitimised—and seducing her into becoming his wife will be his biggest challenge!
{"strong"=>["They shared a night of mindless passion…"], “br”=>[nil], “em”=>["…now he’ll take her once again!”]}
Reeling from his best friend’s death, Greek shipping magnate Nik Latsis found oblivion in the arms of a stunning stranger. Since then, her innocence has haunted his dreams. And now Nik knows only another taste will rid him of his burning desire. But Nik will need more than seductive charm if he’s to entice feisty Chloe back into his bed…
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