Daniela Kinsella

Potty Training Tips for Busy Moms

When I had six children
ages six and under, I used to wonder how I would pass through that stage
without going crazy. It was challenging and tiring. I remember friends telling
me that it would pass quickly, and I would miss it one day.

I can’t say I miss it yet, as my youngest of eight is only two years old, but for sure it did pass
faster than I thought it would, even though back then it felt like forever.

I have now a teen and a pre-teen along with other interesting ages among our eight children. I have
entered a new stage of my life as Lucy (our youngest) is in the process of using the toilet on her own.

This week I just
realized that I have been changing nappies for over thirteen years. I’m so ready to close that chapter of my motherhood life, especially because my two
eldest children have entered a new stage in their lives that is in so many ways
more challenging than any childhood challenges I have encountered with them, so I’m excited to start this new journey into the teen years.

I remember reading
parenting books in the early stages of my motherhood life and wondering if those writers even knew what is was like to have a life like mine. Many times,
I felt lonely and misunderstood. I wanted to read a book written by someone
like me. A real book!

I’m not a writer and I haven’t done much research on the subject of potty-training. This book is just
a little encouragement to parents or guardians that are in this stage of their
journey and many times haven’t a clue whether they will succeed or not.

Read this booklet with
an open heart, you can read it in less than 1 hour and I hope it will lift your
spirit and somehow it will encourage you to keep going in this amazing journey,
that many times will be overwhelming and challenging but at the same time turn
you into a better human being and one day you will be able to use those life
experiences to bless and encourage others. I hope you enjoy it.

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