Broadcasting Powerful Messages With Twitter, Linda Parkinson-Hardman
Linda Parkinson-Hardman

Broadcasting Powerful Messages With Twitter

The secret to using Twitter more effectively is to send the right message to the right person at the right time. The problem is you often don’t know what the message is or who it should be sent to. Which is why need to have a strategy.

Broadcasting Powerful Messages with Twitter is the ideal Twitter guide. You’ll learn what the experts do to make sure they maximise their impact without spending all day attached to their computer or phone. You’ll get simple rules to follow plus explanations about what’s important and why.

Did you know that:

Companies using Twitter average 2X more leads than those that don't.
Companies with 1000+ more Twitter followers get 6X more traffic.
44 % of companies using Twitter for marketing have acquired a customer from it.

You can get more Twitter followers and you can drive more visitors to your website and products or services! Just apply the techniques and rules from Broadcasting Powerful Messages with Twitter to get more customers and gain more influence.
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