Michalis Manolios

Aethra/The Quantum Mommy

AethraFrom the Winner of the International Aeon Award issued by Albedo One – Michalis Manolios – an intense and quite disturbing story that starts as an investigation into the murder of an Art Critic to touch the issues of human cloning and individual responsibility. Aethra's villa is not only the crime scene, but also a forge where very peculiar “subjects of art” are created, subjects in which a sentient copy of Mistress Aethra are entrapped. It is up to police commissioner Costas to determine who is the culprit, what really happened in the villa but, most of all, why. The Quantum MommyA journey into space ends in an unexpected way: the teleportation device that should lead astronaut Armelina to Europe II fails and the woman finds out that she has been “replicated”: one remained on planet Earth while the other has reached her destination. Agape, Armelina's daughter, will start this wonderful quantum story with the simple question: “Who is my real mom?”
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