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Alana Church

Help! My Girlfriend's A Bimbo

The Bimbo Pill is in full effect! Under its influence, Max has taken both his mother and his sister as his lovers. But when his jealous ex-girlfriend finds out the truth, will this spell disaster for the family? Or will Gwen's bi-curious urges lead them all to a world of sexual delight?

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

“Um…” Max seemed to want to ask a question, but was too frightened of her to actually put it into words.

“Well?” she asked impatiently. “Spit it out!”

“Um. Gwen. Are you, like, bisexual? Or a lesbian? Is that why you’re so angry at me?”

“Of course she’s not a lesbian,” Linda put in. “I can see the way she looks at you, Max. She still wants you.

“But she’s looking at me the same way.” She licked her lips. “Hungry.”

Gwen swallowed. Her throat was as dry as the Mojave. “I’m bisexual. I think.” She swallowed again, looking at Max’s beautiful, blonde-haired sister. “When I was a freshman, we were in the same gym class. Do you remember?”

Linda frowned, and shook her head. “No.”

Despair raked its claws down her spine. “No. Of course you don’t,” she said dully. “Why would you? I was fourteen years old, and had zits all over my face, and you were already drop-dead gorgeous.

“I waited every day for sixth period. Not because I liked soccer or softball or any of that crap. But because when we showered I might see you naked. Just for a few minutes.”

That revelation seemed to penetrate the haze of the pill, because Linda blinked. “Oh.”

“I fantasized about you. In bed.” She blushed, remembering some of those late-night sessions, her fingers frantically rubbing herself under the blankets, hoping her breathy moans wouldn’t be heard through the bedroom door.

“You wanted to screw me?” Linda asked curiously. She smiled at Gwen. “Well, why didn’t you just ask?”


“You could have asked me, silly!” Linda giggled charmingly. She bounced up out of her seat on the couch, while Max looked on, completely flummoxed. “Ooh. You’ve got great boobs,” she said, eyeing her bust covetously. “Can I touch them?”
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