Maggie Price

Creative Freedom: 52 Art Ideas, Projects and Exercises to Overcome Your Creativity Block

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Paint outside the lines! Jumpstart your creativity and inject new life into your art.
Struggling to get started? Paralyzed by the fear of failure? Find yourself falling back on the same colors again and again? Just plain stuck? It happens to every artist sooner or later. What can you do to get unstuck quickly and painlessly?
Creative Freedom presents 52 strategies for getting out of ruts and venturing beyond your comfort zone, courtesy of 25 artists who have been there, done that. Each approach is illustrated with a step-by-step painting demonstration. Together, they help you experiment with different mediums, new color combinations, fresh approaches to favorite subjects, and more. Try one a week for a year of creative adventure. Or dip in whenever you're feeling inspired.
You may be surprised at the creative liberation that comes from… Painting with your other hand. Going big with your canvas and brushes. Painting fast with 10-minute studies. Limiting your palette. Starting with a random line drawing or custom painting surface. Zooming in on one small detail of a landscape for abstract results. Copying the work of an Old Master. Featuring an exciting variety of styles and mediums (oil, watercolor, acrylic and pastel), novel perspectives and an invigorating sense of play, this book is sure to generate creative sparks and joyful painting sessions. Getting unstuck has never been so fun!
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