The School of Life

How to Get Married

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Many of us are attracted to the idea of marriage and yet feel a bit uncomfortable with some of the rituals that are traditionally associated with the big day. Perhaps the old ceremonies place too much emphasis on theology or else seem out of step with some of the complex realities of contemporary relationships.

In response to this dilemma, the School of Life has rethought exactly what the ideal wedding day would consist of and redesigned the entire process from scratch for the use of modern couples.

The book begins by proposing new ways of getting prepared for a wedding at a psychological level, suggesting how couples should ready themselves for the often tricky journey ahead and how to think through some of the thorniest issues that beset love. The book then presents an entirely practical and thoughtfully redesigned wedding ceremony, from picking out a suitable venue to suggested vows and readings. Finally, the book offers some ideas for how to approach the start of married life.

What follows is a bold rethinking of one of humankind’s most important and popular rituals.
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    Shasha Setiyadicompartió una citahace 7 meses
    ntinuously guilty.

    The audience

    We are all broken.

    We have all been idiots and will be idiots again. We are all difficult to live with: we sulk and get angry, blame others for things that are our own responsibility, have strange obsessions and fail to compromise.

    We are here to try to make you less lonely with your failings. We will mostly never know the details. But we understand.

    We understand.
    Shasha Setiyadicompartió una citahace 7 meses
    There is nothing odd about this couple beyond the ordinary oddness that is everyone’s lot. They have merely put into words the errors and failings of which we are all continuously guilty.
    Shasha Setiyadicompartió una citahace 7 meses

    Do you admit that you can be an extraordinary challenge; that you can be deeply difficult?

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