Lee Wilkinson

Running From the Storm

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{"strong"=>["Playing with fire…"]}
Zander Devereux wants Caris from the moment the prim junior lawyer crosses swords with him in her office! Arrogant, powerful, and not used to hearing the word ‘no’, Zander is amused by her sparky defiance. He relishes a challenge and knows it will make the rewards all the sweeter…
But in the midst of their tempestuous affair she flees! Zander’s sinful seduction is a bittersweet temptation, yet Caris knows his red-hot passion will turn to ice-cold hate when he discovers her deepest secret…
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    d tousled as if he’d hastily rubbed it dry and left it, but somehow he still managed to look self-assured and coolly elegant.

    ‘So you’re awake.’ He came over to the bed and, sitting on the edge, gave her a light, fleeting kiss.
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