June Chapko

The Estate Sale

Estate sales hold a promise of finding treasures among a myriad of items for sale; bits and pieces of people’s lives collected through the years and enjoyed over decades of living. The cliché, you can’t take it with you, begs the question, “What is the true value of anything?” There may be objects at an estate sale that were found through travels, a perfect piece of art created from nothing, or decorative jewelry. Mary Ludwig, longtime resident in the King William district of San Antonio, Texas, knew she didn’t have much time left. Her desire to leave a legacy spurs her on to plan a most intriguing estate sale. She enlists her friend and caregiver, Emily Tucker, to carry it out after her death. Eight people who attend the sale come to discover God’s hand and Mary’s legacy woven into the items they purchase, and they find their lives changed forever.
190 páginas impresas
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