The Sustainability Generation, Mark Coleman
Mark Coleman

The Sustainability Generation

Sustainability Sutra addresses the pursuit of sustainability as crucial in the transformation from an industrial to an ecological civilization, exploring in succinct detail how sustainability can be accomplished through an ecological global growth strategy that makes economic growth mean ecological improvement. It is a meditative journey of self-discovery. It is a path and record of a writer's and reader's heart way.  The book includes an Introduction that considers the dynamics of building an ecological future in market economies and examines how the price system can send clear signals for sustainability. Combining ecological consumption taxation, new market rules, fiscal, monetary and investment  can catalyze the trillions of dollars of productive investment in a sustainable future.
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Alan Greenspan termed “Irrational Exuberance,” an un
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The advent of a “Sustainability Generation” is about finding greater balance to empower people to be good critical thinkers and tinkerers capable of building a new economy. This cannot be accomplished through petty political positioning, but instead requires grounded, innovative, and pragmatic approaches to meet the needs of the present by defining and pursuing common priorities and goals. This means short-term action and long-term thinking from all facets of society—young and old, Republican and Democrat, rich and poor.
Personal, generational and societal accountability is essential as the ideas of the Sustainability Generation become established in our local communities, governments, and economy.
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there is a moment when watching the clock simply doesn’t matter anymore. It as if you enter a new phase of time, like just before takeoff. Sometimes when I fly, just before takeoff and right before the plane hits maximum altitude, I experience a moment of letting go. A self-awareness and realization that the moment, as much as I’d love to control it, has very little to do with me other than my being a participant as a passenger and observer of it. So all we can do, really, is to relax and try to enjoy these life moments.

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