Gregory Karp

Spending Smart

A collection of the Chicago Tribune’s weekly “Spending Smart” articles from the award-winning business journalist and NerdWallet’s credit cards expert.
Spending Smart is a compact but immensely helpful collection of columns penned by Gregory Karp. Offering tips for consumers across a wide variety of fields, including insurance, banking, cars, phones, homes, travel, and more, this book is a terrific primer for how to take better care of your money and find deals where others aren’t even looking.
The simple and sober advice from Karp has made him a newspaper mainstay for many years, as evidenced by this book’s vast amount of straightforward tips. In breaking down the true worth of a deal or exposing hidden value, Spending Smart is a reader’s go-to financial adviser while on the go. Perfect to pull up on smartphones, e-readers, and tablets, Karp’s friendly tone and measured counsel can be accessed just about anywhere readers have financial questions.
Praise for Gregory Karp
“Greg Karp has a clear roadmap to wealth that is yours for the taking. Follow his simple steps and you will take control of your financial future. Get FIT now!” —Clark Howard, The Clark Howard radio show
“Greg Karp gets it and you will too. His research and tips will help you keep more of the money you earn.” —Steve & Annette Economides, New York Times bestselling authors of America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money
“The author provides solid advice and solid writing on a topic that benefits from a fresh voice.” —Liz Pulliam Weston, MSN Money columnist and author of Your Credit Score
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