Crina-Ludmila Cristea

Sculptures by Florin Cristea

Take a wonderful adventure into the world of handmade woodcarving!


Born on December 22, 1962, in Romania, Florin Cristea studied Physics and Mathematics in Highschool, and worked as an economist for a while. After the violent events of 1989, he started paving a new path which brought him here, to the present day.

The artist has been working with wood since 1992 and he loves it. Most of his sculptures have their natural wood color. They have been treated with oils to preserve the wood but they have not been painted. The wood has been worked with chisels and on close inspection, one can see the refined attention to detail that the artist has given to his creations. The chisel bites in the wood are clearly led by a human hand and not a machine, which offers authenticity to all of Cristea's artworks. He has created numerous pieces, and his work has been exhibited widely, nationally and internationally.

Florin Cristea lives and works in Vrancea, Romania, he is married, has one daughter, and many one-of-a-kind woodcarvings.


Crina-Ludmila Cristea is a photographer and writer. She specializes in headshot and portrait photography using mostly natural light. She loves spending time in the garden, surrounded by flowers, plants and vegetables, and she is an advocate for growing our own food. She loves reading mostly fiction novels, but she does occasionally engage in non-fiction books. As her surname obviously states, she is the daughter of artist Florin Cristea.

She currently lives in Canterbury, United Kingdom, and she is working on her novel ‘Tender is the rain’.

This book contains:

interview with the artist (about how it all started and where he is now in his journey, advice for young students or individuals who want to create art)

photographs of original sculptures created by the artist, and of the place where the artist lives and works

contact details where you can reach the author, and the artist to keep in touch with his work

This is not a how to carve book step by step, but the author is confident that the material compiled will provide great inspiration and help for people interested in art, especially the art of woodcarving.

Due to the many photographs used to make it, this book may take longer to download.

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