Melanie J White

Healthy Plant-based Ice Cream Recipes

This Healthy Plant-Based Ice Cream recipe book is exactly what you need to make healthier choices.
Maybe you want to lose weight.
Maybe you have health conditions you’re managing and can’t eat certain things.
Maybe you’re a vegan.
Or maybe, you just want to make healthier meals more often.
In any case, this recipe book is for you if your goal is to:
✓ Avoid added cane sugar
✓ Avoid thickeners, emulsifiers and preservatives
✓ Eat whole foods instead of processed, empty calories
✓ Improve your digestion and immunity
✓ Lose weight more easily
✓ Avoid animal products
✓ Create healthier, more nutrient-rich meals
✓ Feel good after eating ice cream
✓ Take control of your health.
When you have healthy options for those delicious treats you love, you’ll experience total food freedom, without guilt, and you’ll NEVER feel like you’re missing out.

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