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Easy Italian Phrase Book

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Here's the perfect book to use when you're traveling to Italy for business or pleasure — or whenever fast, effective communication in Italian is needed.This handy, sturdy volume contains more than 770 basic phrases that provide the practical language necessary for most everyday situations. Designed for use as a quick reference tool and an easy study guide, Easy Italian Phrase Book is the perfect companion when traveling abroad or for reading at odd moments in order to learn a few phrases each day.Included are basic phrases used in: making yourself understood; general expressions; restaurants and specialty shops; phone conversations; boat, plane, and train travel; making hotel reservations; and much more. Each phrase in this inexpensive and easy-to-use book is accompanied by a phonetic pronunciation guide, and a complete index makes word and phrase location quick and easy.
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  • Светлана Коршуноваcompartió su opiniónhace 7 años

    Просто сборник фраз


  • Кира Шалышкинаcompartió una citahace 5 años
    Give my regards to your aunt and uncle.
    Mi saluti sua zia e suo zio.
  • Asya Kucompartió una citahace 6 años
    Twenty. Venti. VAϒN-tee.
    Twenty-one. Ventuno. vayn-TOO-no.
    Twenty-two. Ventidue. vayn-tee-DOO-ay.
    Thirty. Trenta. TRAϒN-tah.
    Forty. Quaranta. kwah-RAHN-tah.
    Fifty. Cinquanta. cheen-KWAHN-tah.
    Sixty. Sessanta. says-SAHN-tah.
    Seventy. Settanta. sayt-TAHN-tah.
    Eighty. Ottanta. oht-TAHN-tah.
    Ninety. Novanta. no-VAHN-tah.
    One hundred. Cento. CHEN-toh.
    One hundred and one. Cento uno. CHEN-toh OO-no.
    Two hundred. Duecento. doo-ay-CHEN-toh.
  • Asya Kucompartió una citahace 6 años
    770. Zero. Zero. DZEH-ro.
    One. Uno. OO-no.
    Two. Due. DOO-ay.
    Three. Tre. tray.
    Four. Quattro. KWAHT-tro.
    Five. Cinque. CHEEN-kway.
    Six. Sei. SEH‿ee.
    Seven. Sette. SET-tay.
    Eight. Otto. AWT-toh.
    Nine. Nove. NAW-vay.
    Ten. Dieci. DϒEH-chee.
    Eleven. Undici. OON-dee-chee.
    Twelve. Dodici. DOH-dee-chee.
    Thirteen. Tredici. TRAϒ-dee-chee.
    Fourteen. Quattordici. kwaht-TOHR-dee-chee.
    Fifteen. Quindici. KWEEN-dee-chee.
    Sixteen. Sedici. SAϒ-dee-chee.
    Seventeen. Diciassette. dee-chyahs-SET-tay

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