Doug Lennox

Now You Know Canada's Heroes

When it comes to Q&A trivia, Doug Lennox has no peer. Sir Isaac Brock, Tecumseh, Laura Secord, Norman Bethune, Terry Fox, and Roberta Bondar are all Canadian icons we've come to cherish. Doug gives the dope on all those famous heroes and many more, but you'll also discover the amazing courage, pluck, and accomplishments of Upper Canada Rebellion heroine Elizabeth Barnett, privateer Joseph Barss, the Angel of Long Point Abigail Becker, the First Lady of Labrador Mina Hubbard, and Second World War pilot Charley Fox — genuine heroes all!
Who was the “musketeer in petticoats”? Who was the “Laura Secord of Gananoque”? What War of 1812 privateer was the founder of a major Canadian bank? How did an aristocratic French girl become a Canadian Robinson Crusoe? Who was the first Canadian firefighter to die in the line of duty? How did Tom Longboat astound the world in 1907? Who was the first Black woman electedt o Canada's Parliament? How did a dog named Gander become a Canadian war hero?
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