Daisy Rose

Mystery Romance 4-Book Bundle

What do a graphic designer, a private detective, a shop owner, and a newly unemployed young women have in common? In these four standalone stories, these capable women fall for powerful alpha men and nothing will ever be the same again. This bundle contains:

A Hundred Pictures of Her

Gwen moonlights as a body parts model and only works with the one photographer, James. She isn't going to jeopardize what they have despite her feelings for the man. James stays with his long-time girlfriend. She doesn't want any trouble, so she locks her heart away… until he brings up an art book that he wants her to pose for. Their relationship will never be the same again.

A Hundred Paintings of Her

A woman rings the door to Lyla’s Private Detective Agency and hires her. Consequently, Lyla she breaks into Theodore’s home. He is a doctor, a man of considerable prestige and power, a man whom she has never met before. And yet, she finds in his house a room from the ceiling to the floor, drawn and painted in vivid detail with charcoal and pencil sketches, oil and watercolor paintings… of her.

The Specialty Shop

Anita inherits a specialty shop that sells items for lovers to be used in the bedroom. Her business is challenged when a bookstore opens other side of the street. His display of children’s book deters people from coming to the store, so she retaliates by putting a sexy doll outside her store. He organizes a bouncy castle fun fair. She organizes an orgy. Two can play this game.

Roommates with an Alpha Werewolf

In exchange for room and rent, Alicia agrees to offer everything that she is to an Alpha Werewolf who she had just met. It's a terrible idea. Alpha Werewolves are, in general, terrifying. They're often unreasonable, possessive and obsessive in equal measures and have the strength and power to back up those selfish traits. She should know better. But she does it anyways.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

There's nothing here incriminating in the room for her to find, no sexy lingerie that he puts on when nobody's looking, no camera equipment, no numbers for hookers, not even an extra shirt for him to change into. There's just a singular laptop on the desk with the power plugged in. He doesn't have a laptop and she did not see him bring it in, which means someone has left this laptop in the room for him.

Curiosity piqued, she settles into the seat in front of the desk.

It's locked from idling too long, but his wife had given her a list of all the passwords that he uses. He is one of those old school sort who writes down all of his passwords in a little booklet that he keeps in the drawer of his desk.

It takes a few wrong attempts, but she's lucky the computer does not try to lock her out for too many wrong guesses.

“Oh,” she gasps when she sees what the man is working on.

The document is open, like it's waiting for her, though the image is zoomed in so close that she doesn't understand what she's looking at, at first.

When she figures out what she's seeing, her jaw drops open and the chair makes a screeching noise as she backs away from the screen, like the distance would make the image any less perverse.

Lyla has seen a lot of things in her line of profession, but she's never seen this before.
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