Maggie Piper

Tasty Low-carb Crockpot Recipes

Enjoy tasty and healthy meals prepared in the most convenient way.
With your crockpot, the mouthwatering low carb recipes provided in this book as well as the wealth of information contained in it, you can have the best of meals, lose weight, optimize your health and lower your risk of diseases.
So why should you keep searching for hearty low carb recipes designed for your crockpot when you can have it all in this book?
Here you will find nourishing seafood, fish, chicken, beef, pork, soup and stew recipes that you and your family will love again and again.
And that’s not all! Also included are vital tips and guidelines on going low carb as well as preparation and precautionary tips about crockpot cooking.
It gets no better than this. So pick your copy now and start to ‘set it, leave it’ and of course enjoy it!

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