Ella Louise

Yes, Doctor!

Curvy, shy Claire goes to the doctor for an embarrassing problem: she can’t stop thinking about sex! Though she knows her problem is unusual, the last thing she expects is for the gorgeous Dr. Kent to take her treatment into his own hands — and mouth. Not even this voluptuous BBW’s modesty will keep her from wanting Dr. Kent to take her in every hole!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

“Claire?” the nurse calls from the doorway. “Sorry about the wait.”

I stuff my book — the latest self-help tutorial that isn’t really helpful at all — into my purse and stand up at the sound of my name. Self-consciously, I tug the hem of my skirt down farther, trying to stretch the fabric to cover more of myself. The skirt comes to my knees, but I suddenly want to hide behind as much fabric as possible.

Relax, I tell myself, forcing a deep breath. No one but the doctor has to know why you’re here.

I step through the threshold that separates the waiting room from the corridor of examination rooms. The nurse, a tired-looking woman in her forties, leads me to exam room four.

I’m relieved that she doesn’t seem to want to take my weight. I’ve picked up a habit of nervous snacking, and have put on some pounds lately. I don’t want to see the numeric evidence staring me in the face on the scale. I’ve always been a big girl, but the closet full of suddenly-too-tight clothing at home is all the guilt I can handle right now.

“Have a seat,” she gestures to the paper-covered table without looking up from her clipboard.

I climb onto the table as gracefully as possible, but I still manage to tear a huge gash in the paper. The loud ripping noise sets my nerves even more on edge.

“Your chart says you’re experiencing sexual issues?”

Her voice is dry and disinterested. I know she’s expecting the usual vaginal dryness or pain during intercourse. I can’t bring myself to admit that my reason for being here is quite different.
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