Peter Harris

Do You Believe It

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Do you doubt the truth of your Christian faith? Peter Harris's book Do You Believe It? is for you. It is also for those who know Christians who are struggling with doubt and for those who have been challenged about their faith by skeptics and don't have the answers. By looking at the very best of evidence for Christianity, Peter Harris presents the compelling case that Christianity is the truth. Writing in an accessible way about some challenging topics, Harris begins by deploying historical arguments for Jesus's resurrection. He then turns to science to contend that there is a creator. Using biblical data and the famous Trilemma, he demonstrates that the creator is also Jesus. He deals with other difficult questions such as “How is a miracle possible?” and “What about suffering and evil?” He ends by providing Christian responses to some thorny contemporary issues such as gender equality. The book is also designed to be used as the basis for discussion groups in the church where doubts can be safely discussed. So stop what you are doing, open this book, and prepare to be amazed at how good the evidence is for Christianity!
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