Dennis Mersereau

The Extreme Weather Survival Manual

Fast facts and practical advice to keep you prepared, whether you’re dealing with mud or flood, drought or derecho.
This valuable, comprehensive guide is full of life-saving information for virtually any extreme weather event—blizzard, hurricane, firestorm, tornado, heatwave, and beyond. Weather reporter Dennis Mersereau, working with the editors of Outdoor Life magazine, debunks common myths, provides hands-on survival tips (some of them literally hands-on—as in, don’t lose your fingers to frostbite), and shares some fascinating historical facts and world records. Learn how to: Read a weather mapSurvive in a snowbound carStay oriented in a whiteoutMake waterproof matchesAvoid lightning hot spotsRescue someone caught in a floodKnow your monsoonsSurvive a sandstormMake peace with the polar vortexDrought-proof your home and much more  
“Don’t mess with the Mersereau. He will find your weather fables and he will crush them…We need more Dennises. In fact, the National Weather Service itself should be run by Dennis, with each local office headed by a Dennis-like weather blogger tasked with explaining the relevant weather news of the day, and entertaining us when the weather is boring.”—Slate
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