Arian Wulf

Animal Shifters & Werewolf Alphas Complete Bundle

This 3-book bundle follow Kristine, a human woman, Olivia, a Rabbit Shifter, and Penny, a Bird Shifter, on their journeys as they fall in love with the Werewolf Alphas in their lives.

Here, you will find:

Love, Shifters & Broken Heart Messes

Kristine is a survivor. She's a human who is able to make it in the savage world of Werewolves, Mages, Vampires and Animal Shifters that put her at a disadvantage at every turn. She doesn't need a man… but Andrea Brahms isn't just a man. He's her whole world. She loves him. She thought he loved her. That was before everything fell apart.

Rabbit Shifter & Her Playboy Werewolf Alpha

If Olivia is being truthful, she has expected this for a while. Near everyone has had a turn with their playboy Alpha. She imagines it's a bit like an initiation. It's something for them to bond over, being used and then discarded by their playboy boss. Therein lies the problem. It is supposed to be a one-time-thing, an experience of a lifetime.

It's definitely not a one-time thing.

Wings, Airplanes, & Sexy Wolf Pilots

As part of the Prey Integration Program, Penny joins the Predator shifters in a world that is completely foreign to her. Her wings make it impossible for her to hide what she is and draws curiosity from those around her, including the obsession of a Snake Shifter. She wished she had the attention of her course instructor instead, but the Alpha Werewolf is too far out of her league… Or is he?

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

“Do you— do you want to see?” she murmurs.

“Would you let me?” he asks. “I understand it goes beyond your face and shoulder. You don't have to show me,” he says.

“I wouldn't have asked if I didn't want you to see me,” she murmurs, cheeks burning. She envies his ability to see in the dark and also selfishly wishes he can't see her too clearly. The marks on her skin are extensive, and when his fingers curl into the strap of her dress, peeling it back, she thinks it's only fair that he can see and feel what he's getting himself into. The top part of the dress is peeled off and it bunches at her hips, revealing naked skin underneath.

She hears the sound of his breath hitching, and then, suddenly, she's being pushed back against the wall and his lips are on her cheek, her chin, her neck, kissing and licking down the tattoos and skin indentations, the stark white of skin that doesn't heal all the way through feel like it's being marked anew.

“You really like ah, anh, you really like them,” she gasps, fingers clutching the front of his suit so tightly that she can hear the seams straining to hold together.
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