101 Best Quotes from Fortune 500 CEOs, Deena Shanker
Deena Shanker

101 Best Quotes from Fortune 500 CEOs

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This ebook is a collection of quotes by business leaders of the present and the past. Each of these people is not just a leader in their company but in their field, and many, are truly leaders of the world. While there will certainly be a number of instantly recognizable names (Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Henry Ford should all be familiar), there will hopefully be more than a few names you have never seen before.Quotes are funny things. You can read one stated by a person who lived one hundred years before you in an entirely different part of the world and it can apply squarely to the situation you are facing. Or you might find a statement that was spoken by a basketball coach, and yet you, a bookworm with chicken legs, might be inspired to start penning your own bestseller. We often turn to quotes when we're looking for inspiration or advice in a jiffy. And why not? It works.
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