The Unrated Colors of Guatemala, Fabian Hernandez
Fabian Hernandez

The Unrated Colors of Guatemala

The Unrated Colors of Guatemala follows four young men during a twenty-four hour sabbatical through the unpredictable streets of contemporary Guatemala. Thomas is an American in his mid-twenties who moved to Guatemala, after college, to attend Dental school. After two years of being removed from the privileged American life he once knew, Thomas’ priorities are no longer the same and he must decide whether to continue trying to live up to other people’s expectations or his own. On the day that his fourth semester ends, Thomas joins Jorge, Chavez, and Victor on a drugged out joyride that reveals the spirited sub culture of Guatemala’s urban youth. Throughout the journey, they are all met with unexpected reminders of their deepest fears, forcing them to confront their young insecurities of love, life, purpose, and faith. What starts out as a typical evening of irresponsible debauchery turns into a midnight road trip through the untamed mountains and an escape for survival.
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