Veronica Sloan

Sharing My Sister’s Bed

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Four years ago, Jeremy and Alice committed the ultimate taboo. After being forced to share a bed during a family reunion, brother and sister crossed the line from siblings to lovers. Swept up in a sexual fever hotter than either had felt before, they struggled to keep their relationship a secret from their family. Now Alice is married, and Jeremy is an award-winning author, but their feelings for each other haven't faded. Can they leave the past behind, or will they rekindle their forbidden romance?~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~Her fingers slid over my tricep as I sat down at the counter again. “You were always in good shape,” she said. “Don't play the false modesty card with me.""No, no, no,” I shot back. “You're the one who keeps saying she's gross. That's the pot calling the kettle black.""Oh?” She took a sip of cocoa. “So you're saying we're both super-ultra-mega-hot and should stop pretending to be mere mortals?""We've already established you're a garbage person. Just be satisfied that you're a better looking garbage person than most.”She tried not to smile too much into her mug. “You do think I look okay, though?”I squeezed her hand. “What do you want me to say? Tell me what it is and I'll say it, but we've already agreed that we…” Saying the rest was harder than I thought. I felt the lump rise in my throat.She chanced another shy glance in my direction. “I know,” she said. “I know, I just…everything that's happened over the last year…” She shut her eyes tight, trying to squeeze the memories out of her ears. “I've thought about you so many times. And I wanted to call just to hear your voice. But I didn't, because I was worried you'd… I thought maybe you were mad at me.""Not mad,” I said. “Just the opposite. We opened a door and it was tough going back through it.”This time the glance wasn't shy at all. It was honest and sad, and steadfast. “I never went back through the door, Jeremy.”It was a relief to hear her say that. What we'd shared four years ago was deeper and more powerful than any relationship I'd ever had. “I spent a long time trying to let that go,” I said. “Yeah…” She set down her mug and pulled a loose bang behind her ear. “Is it okay if I stay here, though? Not for long, just…for now?""Of course,” I said. “I told you that.""And what's the rule about sleeping in the same bed?”I hadn't expected that, but there it was. For the first time she looked like her old self; she had that same mischievous smile I'd grown up with, loved, and then loved in a whole new way when we'd become more than siblings. The uncomfortable lump in my throat was joined by an even more uncomfortable lump in my pants, and my heart started to race. “Do you really think that's a good idea,” I said, “after what happened last time?”She nodded vigorously. “No, yeah, totally. I was just joking. I know that's not appropriate. Just trying to lighten the mood.”I frowned at her, and she shot a mocking frown back at me. I was the first one to break, and it was good to see her smile again. “Will you hug me again, at least?” she asked. I did, and she rested her face against my chest again, carefully avoiding the wet spot from last time. “And make me a fire,” she said in her most petulant voice. “I demand a fire, big brother.”It was cute, but she had already begun playing a dangerous game. The way she said “big brother” would always carry with it a dirty, ulterior meaning. She hadn't called me that for years. Not since the last time we were alone together on a winter night just like this…
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