Demian, Hermann Hesse
Hermann Hesse


Herman Hesse’s novel “Demian: The Story of Emil Sinclair's Youth” (1919) is a coming-of-age story about a young man’s quest for individuation. Quiet Emil Sinclair is drawn into a forbidden world of petty crime and rebellion, guided by his mysterious classmate Max Demian, who simultaneously provokes Emil’s search for self-discovery in this novel about the balance of good and evil. This edition follows the 1923 N.H. Piday translation.
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Demian, Hermann Hesse
Hermann Hesse
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Muskan Sawaria
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For men are shot down in heaps-men, of whom each one is a precious, unique experiment of nature. If we were nothing more than individuals, we could actually be put out of the world entirely with a musket-ball, and in that case there would be no more sense in relating stories. But each man is not only himself, he is also the unique, quite special, and in every case the important and remarkable point where the world’s phenomena converge, in a certain manner, never again to be repeated. For that reason the history of everyone is important, eternal, divine. For that reason every man, so long as he lives at all and carries out the will of nature, is wonderful and worthy of every attention. In everyone has the spirit taken shape, in everyone creation suffers, in everyone is a redeemer crucified.
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The one world was my home, but it was even narrower than that, for it really comprised only my parents. This world was for the most part very well known to me; it meant mother and father, love and severity, good example and schoo

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